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Apple Updates Frequent IMac Component with New Intel Processors, AMD Graphics

Following the iPad Air and iPad Mini, Apple has updated iMac desktops, with brand new Intel chips and AMD graphics. This is the first upgrade for the iMac lineup in almost two decades, but the iMac Pro stays untouched for now. The brand new 21.5 inches iMac starts at $1, 299, whilst the 27 inches model starts at $1, 799. Beginning with the cheaper 21.5 inches iMac, it now begins with an eighth Gen quad core Core i3 and you may upgrade to six core Core i5 or even i7 processors.

You get processor and a Radeon Pro 555X Graphics processing unit or Radeon Pro 560X by default, but the top end model comes along with 32GB Memory, AMD Radeon Pro Vega 20 GPU for substantially faster performance, with standard 4K Retina display. The 27 inches iMac, and on the other hand, can be configured with up to an Intel ninth Gen Core 8 Core i9 chip, up to 64GB Memory, up to 3TB of Fusion Drive memory or 1TB SSD, Radeon Pro 570X, 575X, or 580X GPUs for prebuilt models, with a Radeon Pro Vega 48 GPU is available with the most expensive option. The base version has an 8GB RAM. It remains to be seen if Apple will upgrade the iMac Pro with a newer processor or images. As it turns out the company has updated the model with new Memory options, as spotted by technology influencer Marques Brownlee.

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