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The Stanford University Institute for Human Centered Artificial Intelligence Will concentrate on AI Applications

The Stanford University is launching a brand new magician called The Stanford University Institute for Human Centered Artificial Intelligence that could develop, grow and concentrate on Artificial Intelligence technology and its applications. Headed by John Etchemendy, former Director of the Stanford University AI Laboratory, HAI plans to partner with businesses, government and nongovernment organizations across sectors, such as technology, financial services, healthcare and production, the university published in a blog post on Monday. Now’s our opportunity to shape this future by placing humanists and social scientists alongside individuals who’re developing AI, stated Marc Tessier Lavigne, President, Stanford University. HAI, along with a brand new Data Science Institute, will anchor a planned 200, 000 sq foot building that’s intended to function as a rallying point and catalyst for interdisciplinary collaboration, the business said.

The institute will house research fellows and specialist groups to distribute financing to spur research directions. HAI is the primary initiative to start Out of Stanford’s long-range planning process which began in 2017 with an open invitation to the faculty, staff, and students to submit ideas for the way the university might empower creativity and agile research, and quicken solutions for society, the post noted.

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