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US To Start accepting new H-1B visa applications From Apr 1

The US Citizenship and Immigration Service would start accepting fresh H-1B visa applications for fiscal year 2020 starting Apr 1, the media reported. The start date of these visas will be October 1, the American Bazaar daily reported on Monday. Like previous years, a regular visa limit for H-1B this season stays at 65, 000. In addition, another 20, 000 petitioners, who have a Master’s, or a higher degree from a US university, will also get the visas. But, according to a lot of attorneys, this season might be remarkable, mostly due to the continued scrutiny as well as some subtle rule changes announced earlier this season.

In January, the USCIS introduced a modification in the order wherein allocations will be counted. The agency will now place all the petitions including those with advanced degrees from the regular cap. From the second round, it’ll select the remaining petitions. The new arrangement is likely to increase odds of both petitioners with a US Master’s degree. In accordance with The USCIS, the new change would lead to an estimated 16 percent rise, or an increase of 5, 340 workers, at the chosen H-1B petitioners with advanced US degree. Florida based paralegal Vishal Ghadia, told the American Bazaar: In the last six years, USCIS has received sufficient H1-B applications to meet with the 85, 000 cap inside the first five working days of the month of April.

This time, too, we could expect the cap to attain within 5 days and the number of all H-1B applications comparable to last couple of years.” . But some attorneys have said that apparent crackdown on H-1B and the total negative sentiments around immigration would reflect on the filings. Prominent immigration lawyer Sheela Murthy told the American BazaarWe anticipate fewer H-1B filings because many employers are frustrated with the system and the administration which has its head in the sand regarding the shortage of high skilled workers to maintain the momentum of our economy.” . In the mean time, Kansas City based lawyer Rekha Sharma Crawford reported that because of the administration working overtime at restrict all immigration, there’s uncertainty in the H-1B season this season”.

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